There are many teams at Kavod that are either new or already in motion. Read below to learn about the MKH teams and either email the contact person to find out more or join the team’s list-serve!


Social Justice Teams

To join the umbrella Social Justice Team listserv and receive update announcements about the Social Justice Teams and upcoming events from our community partnerships, click here.

Our Interfaith Organizing Team unites all our work with congregations and religious communities by building strategic and ritual/learning relationships with key communities. This team includes the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization project, Sanctuary group, and the Anti-Islamophobia project. To join the team listserv, click here. Contact Jeremy Press Taylor at

1. The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization project works with faith leaders from around the Boston area to fight for criminal justice reform, affordable housing in Boston, and equitable healthcare. Contact Erin Taylor at or Rachel Leiken at

2. The Sanctuary group works with other congregations to provide sanctuary to an individual/family facing deportation. Contact Rebekah Judson at or Nora Paul-Schultz at

3. The Anti-Islamophobia project trains our community on issues of Islamophobia and builds our relationship with the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) and the Muslim Justice League. Contact Jeremy Press Taylor at

Our Anti-Racism / Antisemitism Curriculum Team is writing and facilitating trainings for Jewish communities on Racial Justice with a specifically Jewish lens. They are also working on a training for understanding and combating antisemitism, designed for partner organizations. To join the team listserv, click here. Contact Julia Stoller at or Miriam Priven at

Our Housing Justice Team goes door-knocking to inform homeowners and tenants of their rights as their dwellings are foreclosed upon. Through a partnership with City Life/Vida Urbana, the team helps folks organize to fight unfair foreclosures and evictions. To join the team listserv, click here. Contact Roz Freeman at

The Racial and Economic Justice Mobilization Team is coordinating our efforts at mobilizing money, people, votes, and resources as we partner with key organizations in Boston. To join the team listserv, click here. Contact Nadav David at

The Partakers Team works with this organization to bring dedicated volunteers to teams who mentor folks in prison as they attend Boston University’s Prison Education Program. Contact Shira Tiffany at

The Accessibility Team is working to make Moishe Kavod House a more inclusive and accessible place for people with visible and invisible disabilities of all kinds. Contact Rachel Collman at


Jewish Spirituality Teams

The Jewish Life and Ritual Team creates a spiritual and welcoming space during Shabbat and Holidays where the community can come together to mark sacred time and celebrate being Jewish. Contact Melissa Lovitz at

The Rosh Chodesh Team is a positive, contemplative, healing, nurturing, supportive, safe, experiential, mindful, emotion-ful, Jewish, ritualistic space that meets monthly to recognize, celebrate, and reflect upon the new moon. Contact Aviva Herr-Welber at


Structural/ Board Teams

The Strategy Team is responsible for holding the big picture questions about Moishe Kavod House and bringing our members into discussions about our long-term strategy. Contact Ariela Lovett at

The Membership Team is responsible for creating a welcoming space for Moishe Kavod House participants and building our membership base. They are also working on a new co-op membership model. Contact Leah Varsano at

The Leadership Development Team is responsible for coordinating the support of all team leaders at Moishe Kavod House, as well as identifying and building the capacity of rising leaders. Contact Tali Lewis at

The Communications Team is responsible for building and maintaining systems for communication among community members and to get Moishe Kavod House’s message out to media outlets and Boston’s Jewish young adult community. Contact Lauren Brodsky at

The Finance Team is responsible for ensuring that Moishe Kavod House spending is sustainable and aligned with the goals and priorities of our community. Contact Nora Paul-Schultz at

The Development Team is responsible for raising Moishe Kavod House’s ~$65,000 annual budget from a variety of local sources: members, community allies, CJP, and foundations! Contact Mikaela Zetley at

The Partnerships Team is responsible for maintaining relationships with local justice organizations and local/national Jewish organizations. Contact Nadav David at


Affinity Groups

The Jews of Color/Sephardi/Mizrahi Caucus is a group for folks who self-identify as Jews of Color, Sephardi or Mizrahi to form relationships and learn together, reclaim and celebrate heritage, and explore their racial and ethnic identities in an effort to transform one another and the communal work of pursuing justice. Contact Nadav David at

The Jews By Choice Group is a group for people who have already or are considering converting to Judaism to build community and learn together. Contact Sarah Langer at

The Masculinity Group welcomes people who are called to explore their own masculinity in community with men and masculine identified folks, gathering in the hopes of building more connected and open relationships, encouraging self-reflection and accountability, and building positive behaviors and culture. Contact Daniel Wolf at or Noah Weinberg at