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One of the values at Kavod is ensuring to the best of our ability that our shared space is inclusive. If you have found anything about your experiences at Kavod to be inaccessible please feel free to email us with feedback as well. We recognize that it takes effort to advocate for one’s needs. We are working to support our community to be accountable to its articulated values.
If you have an access question related to Kavod, please email:

Moishe Kavod House Action Resource Guide 

Check out our Action Resource Guide in preparation.
Contact Simona with questions at

A note from the Chesed Team 

If you or someone else in our community is experiencing a joyful event such as a birth or a challenging event such as a death, illness, and so on, please contact the Chesed Team at to let us know how we can help.

Community Events!

There are a lot of great events happening in the Boston area. If you think Kavodniks would be interested in your event, please submit the event information (or job posting) here so we can add it to our twice monthly Kavod Newsletter! (Note: The Kavod Newsletter goes out every other Tuesday. Your event must be submitted by the Friday before in order to be included. The deadlines are indicated on our calendar above.)

Kavod Twice Monthly Newsletter 

Please stay tuned by subscribing to our Kavod Newsletter, following us on Facebook, and by checking out our calendar, which will remain up to date.

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