We invite everyone who feels responsible in ways big or small for the success of our community to become a member

Our Funding Model

The Moishe Kavod membership model is informed by the process undertaken by the Israelites to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle in which God’s presence dwelled) during their years of wandering in the desert. The building of the Mishkan was the Israelites’ first communal project.

Contributions for the mishkan were raised both through a “half-shekel” tax on every adult member of the community, and through generosity offerings given by each Israelite according to his/her means and talents. Over the past 2,000 years, Jewish communities have continued to wrestle with the issue of how to pay for communal necessities. By studying texts from many periods of our history, we learn that Jewish communities have survived by creating mutual agreements to tax themselves, based on the understanding that the individual and the community are responsible for each other.

Half Shekel (Levy) 
While the wealthier members of the community were expected to take on a larger portion of the financial burden, even the poorest members of the community were given the opportunity to contribute something, to maintain their dignity and to affirm the value of giving.

Nediv Lev (Gift of the Heart)
When the ancient Israelites came together to build the first synagogue – the mishkan (Tabernacle) in the desert—they were asked to bring offerings of nediv lev – literally, a “willing heart/mind.” The Torah emphasizes that the mishkan was built through the generous outpouring of the Israelites’ hearts and hands (Exodus 35:20-29). As a community, we wish to foster a culture of nediv lev in which giving is a joyful responsibility.

Moishe Kavod House’s membership model is based on R.Toba Spitzer’s wisdom and Congregation Dorshei Tzedek’s membership model.

Community Membership

What it means to be a Kavod Member
By becoming a member at Moishe Kavod House, you are saying “Hineini, here I am!” — affirming your commitment to the Moishe Kavod House mission, to building Jewish community, to developing the next generation of Jewish social justice leaders, and to making a difference on critical social justice issues.

How to Become a Member
Each individual is asked to contribute $36 as the base payment (half shekel) for membership, and each member is strongly encouraged to make an additional contribution (nediv lev) of an amount that is right for them. Anyone who feels unable to contribute the base payment but wishes to be a member is asked to contribute what they are able.

Give the Gift of Moishe Kavod Today

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Moishe Kavod House. Whether you are a dues-paying member, someone who drops by occasionally for Shabbat, or an existing supporter of the community, you can help sustain our community by inviting your friends and family to give the gift of Moishe Kavod!

For more information, contact our Development Team by emailing our Development Chair, Mikaela Zetley.

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